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ANNOUNCING THE BEST 25 ESSAYS! Congratulations to all winners!

The committee of the essay competition once again would like to thank all of the participants of the competition. We have received many great, great pieces that put a significant focus on exploring Jusuf Kalla’s ideas and experiences. Overall, the content of the essays is mostly about peacemaking and the primary role of Vice President Jusuf Kalla in championing peacemaking in Ambon, Poso, Aceh, South Thailand and Afghanistan.

It has to be admitted that the panel of juries has had little difficulties in marking the essays. The panel of juries consists of:

  1. Suhartono, KOMPAS Journalist
  2. Firmanzah, Rector of Paramadina University
  3. Pandu Utama Manggala, Chair of the PPI Dunia 2017-2018

They see that all of the essays are valuable pieces that all contribute positively to the peacemaking discourse both in Indonesia and the world. However, in the process of judging, the juries were accompanied with a marking rubric containing five primary elements the essays were judged/marked against.

  1. Originality: The essay shows a significant, genuine idea in the context of peace-making idea in the context of peace-making
  2. Clarity: the main idea is clearly identified and elaborated well
  3. Coherence: The piece shows a structure coherence
  4. Use of sources: Sources used are credible and well-cited and well-sourced
  5. Reference to JK’s ideas of peace-making and/or ideas of peace-making from Indonesian perspectives

Based on that marking rubric, the panel has decided that below are the top 25 selected essays. The first, second and third best essays deserve the main prizes. All 25 essays’ writers will be contacted for further invitations for the prize award ceremony and reception with the VP (probably late November or the beginning of December).

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Jakarta, 26 October 2018


Here are all the best 25 essays:

Writer(s) Essay title Prize
Ricky Antonius Margareta, Rangga Cesario, Fransiska Andita Possible Applications of the Jusuf Kalla Approach in Resolving the Kaduna Religious Crisis 1st prize
Edwin Arifianto From conflict to sustainable peace: Jusuf Kalla path toward Noble Prize recognition 2nd prize
Cecep Hermawan En Route to the New Model of Efficient Conflict Mediation: Jusuf Kalla’s Interpersonal Approach to Peace 3rd prize
Vita Fulla Mayliya, Audrey Rachalia Achmad The Involvement and Significance of Jusuf Kalla in Supporting Indonesia’s Role to Promote Peace and Conflict Resolution Best 25
Nibras Balqis Sakkir Musyawarah-Mufakat: Indonesian Diplomacy Through the Jusuf Kalla Experience Best 25
Muhammad Ammar Hidayahtulloh Peace Memorial Hall of Aceh: Preserving Peace in Aceh through Learning the Lesson of the History Best 25
Lingga Utami, Rengga Akbar Munggaran Jusuf Kalla Social Movement’s: Conflict Resolution Strategies In Poso To Inspire Further Global Peacemaking Best 25
Natasya Fila Rais, Agnes Kusuma Wardani Increasing Indonesian Women Representation in the United Nations Peacekeeping Corps as a Contribution towards Indonesia’s United Nations Security Council Non-Permanent Membership Best 25
Muhammad Adam & Bisma Yadhi Putra Jusuf Kalla and His Soft Approach behind Aceh Peacemaking Best 25
Jerry Indrawan Jusuf Kalla Role for Positive Peace: A Step for Nobel Peace Prize Best 25
Edrida Pulungan Peacemaking Ala Jusuf Kalla : Humanity, Peace and Poetry Best 25
Juniar Laraswanda Umagapi Ambon Right Now, Socio-paradigm and Political Issue as the Main Trigger of Conflict and The Current State of Post-Secularism in Indonesia Best 25
Umi Sa’adah Can We See The Rainbow? The Beautiful Peacemaking Best 25
Annas Rolli Muchlisin Universal Peace Messages in Jusuf Kalla’s Thought and Practice of Reconciliation Best 25
Galby Rifqi Samhudi, Hanief A Hakim Harahap, Randy Arbina Jusuf Kalla’s Strategy In Peace Struggle Towards The Free Aceh Movement Best 25
Adhi Priamarizki Cooperation with All, Development for All, and Participation for All: How ‘Peace ala JK’ can Bring Peace in Southern Thai Best 25
Daniah Arthamevia Putri Hidayah When Dialogue Becomes Understanding Best 25
Halida Rizkina Navigating Indonesia Centrifugal Force: Jusuf Kalla Way of Peace Best 25
Resty Destariza Jusuf Kalla: Contribution and Existance in Global Peacemaking Best 25
Eka Deviana Putri Bringing Peace at Home to the International level Best 25
Nikolaus Ageng Prathama Rohingnya, Inter-Cultural Communication and Indonesian Conflict Resolution “Theory” Best 25
Dicky wahyudi Capabilities Productivity of Reading: Jusuf Kalla within Solving Problems Conflict in Ambon and Becoming an Important Peace Figure for Indonesia Best 25
Marvento F. Laurens Art as a method (tools) of peace transformation on conflict prevention by young people in Ambon Best 25
Dinda Lisna Amilia Turning Polarization into Nothing through Patron’s Role Best 25
Cheryl Pangestu, Kezia Liana Global Peace in Jusuf Kalla’s Hands: A Peace-maker the World Needs Best 25



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