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Jusuf Kalla Reveals Reasons behind Conflict in Islamic Nations

Vice President Jusuf Kalla (JK) revealed two main causes of conflicts happening in Islamic countries during the closing of Ulema and Muslim Scholars World Summit.

“We are saddened by witnessing many wars among Islamic countries caused by political and economic problems, among others,” said VP Jusuf Kalla during his speech at the Vice Presidency Palace yesterday, May 3.

Jusuf Kalla said that the first reason for conflicts in Islamic regions can be pinned down to major countries intervening the region in conflict. He illustrated the latest conflict in Afghanistan, where the United States and Russia were involved and enhanced an already complex situation.

The second reason according to the Vice President is caused by radical ideologies such as the many cases of suicide bombings that have claimed many lives in the name of jihad. Furthermore, he highlighted suicide bombings committed by young people in the name of religion, as they thought it was an easy way to heaven.

Jusuf Kalla’s statement was backed up by his active involvement in handling a domestic conflict in Poso and Ambon. He asserted to the regions’ youths that religion does not teach people to kill to obtain a way to heaven. In closing the summit, Jusuf Kalla said that ulema and Islamic scholars need to be actively involved in delivering a good Islamic teaching. (*)


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